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The bulldog of the heavy duty trucking industry, Mack has been a leader since it was founded in 1900, in Brooklyn, New York. They were the first to apply air cleaners and oil filters to their trucks, first with power brakes, first to use a drive shaft instead of a chain. Mack trucks have helped win wars, put out fires and they get work done every day.

The Mack Granite Series

Drive a rugged truck you can rely on. Boost profits while tackling a wide range of applications in the truck series that excels at a host of configurations: dump, dump with lift axle, multi-axle dump, mixer, rear loader, roll-off, snowplow, twin steer mixer, tractor and tri-drive tractor. Precise engineering improves fuel economy to drive down the costs of doing business.

  • Granite is flexible and can be spec’d for different applications to fit the way you work.
  • A sloped hood provides excellent aerodynamics and improved visibility.
  • A galvanized steel cab mounted on airbags and shocks to soak up the rough stuff.
  • Granite’s proven CornerstoneTM chassis provides rock-solid performance, durability and reliability.
  • Granite™ Sleeper
  • Granite™ Rawhide™ Edition
  • Granite™ Medium Heavy Duty

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The Titan by Mack Series

Rule the Road while driving Mack’s largest-ever engine, the MP10, delivering up to 605hp and best-in-class torque ratings of 2,06 lb-ft at 1,200 RPMs. Combining intelligent fuel injectors, sophisticated software and improved air management systems provides optimal fuel efficiency for your heavy haul applications: logging, coal, heavy equipment, special-permit and severe heavy-haul.

  • Featuring a frame with maximum ground clearance for rough terrain, responsive 575 braking power and a high-capacity cooling package, the Titan is built for durability.
  • 30,000-mile oil drain intervals and hassle-free servicing protects your engine, keeping you on the road.
  • Dramatic noise reduction, overhead bins for convenient storage, elevated seats, raised pedals, and adjustable steering column work to keep drivers comfortable down the road.

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The Mack Pinnacle Series

Make every drop of fuel count with a purpose-built truck that promises to get the job done. Take on heavy loads, climb steep grades, and drive long hauls all while behind the wheel of a truck gives attention to your comfort, safety and style. With its Rawhide Edition interior, elevated seat position, and dominant chrome grill, the drivers of this truck aren’t just hauling heavy transport; they’re carrying pride.

  • Pinnacle is versatile, and can be spec’d in an array of configurations for different applications.
  • Aerodynamic design improves driver visibility and cuts fuel costs
  • Under the hood, the MP Engine series has plenty of horsepower and great highway torque profiles
  • Pinnacle™ Day Cab
  • Pinnacle™ Sleepers
  • Pinnacle™ SmartWay®
  • Pinnacle™ Rawhide™ Edition

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The Mack Terrapro Series

Tough and versatile beasts of burden that eliminate downtime while delivering comfort and functionality, the Terrapro series of trucks are built to handle whatever job comes their way. In touch stop-and-go driving their natural gas power and Mack®’s clean MP Diesel engines cut fuel costs without sacrificing power.

The Terrapro Series gets concrete, municipal and front-loader jobs done with a superior level of productivity by being configurable to match the way you work: front loading for industrial use, side-loading for municipal use, rear-loading for commercial uses, stand-up driving for on-the-go jobs, and right-hand steering for curbside applications.

  • The largest cab door openings in the industry
  • Our industry-leading Mack work brake safely speeds up curbside pickups
  • A catalyzed exhaust after treatment system
  • TerraPro™ Cabover
  • TerraPro™ Low Entry
  • TerraPro™ Natural Gas

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The Mack LR Series

The Mack LR model is the newest truck to join Mack’s dominant lineup of refuse vehicles. Our LR model is powered by our MP Series engines to keep you moving. And with updates like storage, superior visibility and enhanced technology, every route is quicker, safer and easier. When you do the hard work, you need the truck that’s ready for any challenge.

  • Easy Entry
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Work Brake
  • Body Builder Ready
  • Instrument Panel & Controls
  • Mack LR Model™

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