ROCHESTER, Minn. – Channel One Regional Food Bank purchased a new 26-foot refrigerated truck.

Channel One Regional Food Bank took a significant hit during the summer of 2019’s flooding. Several of their vehicles were underwater.

“It was a blow. We didn’t want to stop any deliveries or stop any services to people who needed so it was a little hard. It was out of nowhere. We saw deductibles that we had to pay and some trucks that were completely totaled,” explains Jessica Sund, director of development and communications.

The food bank relies on its trucks to pick up and deliver food across its’ 14-county region it serves.

The new truck was purchased with the help of Think Bank and United Healthcare, which each invested $75,000 into the truck. Nuss Truck and Equipment offered a discount on the truck.

Channel One recently discovered another truck is now having problems as a result of the flood damage, and it will likely need to purchase another new truck soon.

Posted: Feb 1, 2020 9:48 PM
Posted By: Annalise Johnson, KIMT-TV

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