Goodyear Blimp Travels Lean Thanks to Nuss’ Modified Mack Truck

Goodyear Blimp Travels Lean Thanks to Nuss’ Modified Mack Truck

Mack Granite and the Goodyear Blimp“They were looking at who had built solutions and who could build a solution for them,” said Mike Bloom, Nuss Truck & Equipment Sales Engineer, about meeting representatives from The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company at the World of Concrete show held in Las Vegas. Goodyear’s team was looking for a truck to move, moor and refuel its Blimp. While they knew they wanted a Mack truck, they also knew that their undertaking came with a unique set of needs. They trusted Nuss Truck & Equipment with building the solution they sought.

The Solution: 2014 Mack Granite truck, equipped with a Mack MP8 engine, Mack 200 series carriers with inter-axle locking differentials and four Goodyear G278 MSD tires in size 425/65R22.5 on the front paired with eight G572 LHD tires in size 11R24.5. It also has a truck-mounted mooring system. The Granite’s strong fame is well-suited to handle the work required by the Goodyear Blimp team.

The Result:

  • A truck that holds steady. A mooring system that can hold the new Goodyear Blimp steady in inclement weather while grounded at various locations. The Mack Granite’s mast can withstand wind loads up to 78 knots (90mph).
  • A truck that saves time. Having a truck mounted-mooring system saves the Goodyear Blimp’s ground crew time, as they no longer need to set up an aluminum structure to moor the blimp. Before they had to unload, assemble, disassemble and load the structure.
  • A truck that does the job. The 2014 Mack Granite moves the 246 ft. long semi-rigid airship, a hybrid of the Zeppelin model LZ N07-100 with Goodyear modifications, which is nearly 65 ft. at its widest points, and has an envelope volume of 287, 527 cu. ft. in and out of hangars.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company is one of the world’s largest tire companies, with operations in most regions of the world. Its Goodyear Blimps travel thousands of miles every year. Goodyear Blimps have played a role in United States military.

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