Volvo VHD Delivers Reliability for Lemke Bros. Trucking

The Lemke family has been hauling milk in Western Wisconsin since 1948.  Pete and Chris Lemke started Lemke Bros. Trucking in 2009 and are now operating five trucks hauling milk from farm to plant 365 days a year.  In July 2015 they bought a 2016 VHD 7-axle milk truck.  We like the Volvo because   they are reliable, well built and fuel efficient. We’ve noticed over the years with our other Volvos the truck stays together, it don’t get shook apart. We really like the large clean cab, there’s so much more  room then the competitors cabs.  The I-shift has been a great transmission for this application; it takes driver error out of the equation and optimizes fuel efficiency. We will run I-shifts from now on. Nuss Truck & Equipment has been a great dealership to work with, the shop understands that our trucks run every day and they do whatever they have to, to keep us going. The sales department has been excellent also with helping us spec trucks and letting us demo new trucks to see if we like them.

Photo: Travis Dewitz, Dewitz Photography (

Lemke Volvo VHD

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