Employee Spotlight | Paul Vickroy October 2022

When Paul Vickroy walks into work, you’ll notice two things right away: a friendly ‘hello’ and an antique lunchbox. A talented truck mechanic, Paul has been with Nuss for 28 years and has truly made his mark on Nuss Truck & Equipment. Paul followed in his father’s footsteps who started in the industry in 1964 and eventually retired from Nuss. Paul’s love of antique trucks has turned into a successful career at Nuss of repairing and restoring everything from trucks and equipment to the 1939 Mack BX truck (shown below).

When the rusty old 1939 Mack BX showed up in the Nuss shop it was in particularly rough shape and hadn’t been in running condition in years. Paul took the project head on with enthusiasm and ingenuity. Always up for a challenge, Paul got to work right away, crafting new parts, reconstructing the battery box, and fixing fenders. He took the old truck all the way down to frame and rebuilt it to like-new working condition. You can see this beautiful truck on display at The Nuss Collection Museum in Rochester. Projects like these are one of the reasons that Paul loves working at Nuss. He enjoys the variety of trucks and equipment that he gets to work on and the consistently busy days. At home, Paul is restoring a vintage truck of his own, a 1964 Chevy. When he is not working on his Chevy, he also enjoys camping and is an avid deer hunter.

Around the shop, Paul isn’t known just as a great mechanic but as an all-around great guy to work with. “Paul is a valued team member who has committed his career to Nuss and has laid foundation blocks to our success and future success,” says Regional General Manager John Sertich. “He has a vast wealth of knowledge and will always lend a hand to help a teammate.”