The All New VNL is here

Volvo Trucks

Premium with a purpose

Nuss Truck & Equipment knows the demands of your business. Whether you are delivering through urban traffic or on a long haul, your uptime is everything. We are here to help drive your success.

Long Haul

VNL Series

For those driving long haul, Volvo has everything you want in a truck: premium, spacious working and living environments, amenities to make you feel at home, versatility, maneuverability, great visibility. All while delivering superb fuel economy, low operating costs and world-class safety.

All New Volvo VNL: 

    This is no evolution, it’s a revolution. The distinctly curved windshield and angular profile will be the first things you notice. But that’s just the beginning of the aerodynamic and powertrain breakthroughs found throughout the all-new VNL. Together they create up to a 10% improvement in fuel efficiency versus our previous model.

  • VNL 860 – Our flagship sleeper with top-of-the-line features
  • VNL 840 – The max flexibility midroof option for long routes with varied loads
  • VNL 660 – Maximum load capacity meets luxurious living for general freight
  • VNL 640 – A luxurious midroof sleeper for varied and weight-sensitive loads
  • VNL 440 – Mid-length and perfect for weight-conscious regional-haul applications
  • VNL 300 – The daycab with peak comfort and fuel efficiency for local routes

The Original VNL:

  • VNL 860 – Our flagship high-roof model builds on Volvo’s foundation of fuel efficiency, driver productivity, safety, and uptime.
  • VNL 760 – Our best-selling truck. Inside the 70” long, 96” wide sleepers, drivers will find plenty of space to handle day-to-day demands, whether it’s catching up on paperwork, taking a meal break, or getting the rest they need for extended days on the road.
  • VNL 740 – All about efficiency – designed to make the most out of every drop of fuel. Long hauls are no problem and it’s particularly well suited for weight-conscious specialty applications.
  • VNL 400 – A versatile and affordable flat-roof sleeper tractor, the VNL 400 is especially well-suited for the unique demands of long-distance bulk haul and specialty applications.
  • VNL 300 – Designed to work with the driver, delivering outstanding performance and visibility, the VNL 300 is the perfect solution when your route takes you out and back the same day.

Regional Haul

VNM Series

From Volvo’s Short Route Specialist (VNM 200) negotiating urban challenges to its trucks that tackles Regional Runs in Long Haul Comfort (VNM 630), the VNM series has the truck to keep your business on the move.

Experience savings in trucks designed for regional and short-haul applications with operating economy in mind. Work in comfort in a sensible and efficient working and resting environment with common sense storage space.

  • VNM 200 Short Route Specialist
  • VNM 430 Productive Days
  • VNM 630 Long Haul Comfort

Regional Haul

VNR Series

The new Volvo VNR features a dramatic new exterior that’s impossible to ignore. Distinctive contours enhance airflow, while state-of-the-art LED lighting provides improved visibility and reduced maintenance. Inside, seating has been optimized to be even more ergonomic, while a new dashboard and steering wheel bring controls and information efficiently to the driver, minimizing distraction.

  • VNR 660: When stops at home are more spread out on your regional routes, the VNR 660 now has high-roof sleeper options that provide an ideal solution. The 164” bumper to back-of-cab length reduces the truck’s weight and allows for a wide range of trailer combinations for increased cargo capacity.
  • VNR 640: When home-time stops are fewer and farther between on your regional routes, the 61-inch mid-roof sleeper on the VNR 640 provides extra room for catching up on paperwork or relaxing, and ample storage to keep your living area organized. And with a short BBC, the VNR still maintains excellent maneuverability.
  • VNR 400: With a 42-inch flat-roof sleeper, the VNR 400 is well-suited for overnight, regional bulk-haul applications where overall height is a consideration. By packaging an efficient sleeper into a compact BBC, the VNR 400 maintains maximum maneuverability for busy loading sites or industrial deliveries.
  • VNR 300: The cab of the VNR 300 brings the precise refinement of the driving environment to a lightweight, efficient day cab. The cab interior is thoughtfully organized to keep daily route drivers productive, comfortable, and happy.

Regional Haul

VNR Electric

Charging ahead. Our constant drive to innovate has made us the global leader in electromobility for Class 8 vehicles. The VNR Electric is proof of our commitment to reduce pollution, noise, and traffic on crowded urban streets. The VNR’s drivetrain is rated at 455 hp with up to 4,051 lb/ft torque. This allows for quick starts and excellent responsiveness in the close quarters of urban delivery. The fully-integrated driveline features Volvo’s two-speed I-Shift automated transmission for smooth acceleration. On highway, the VNR Electric is capable of reaching speeds of 65 mph. (150-mile range | 264 kWh battery capacity | 70 minutes 80% charge)

  • Straight Truck: The VNR Electric straight truck is ideal for local pickup and delivery applications that commonly require a van body. With a range of up to 150 miles, this electric unit can handle demanding routes with multiple stops on a single charge.
  • 4×2 Tractor: The VNR Electric 4×2 tractor is designed for local and regional delivery where maneuverability is crucial. The 4×2 offers a range of up to 120 miles and can carry a GCVW of up to 66,000 lbs.
  • 6×2 Tractor: Our VNR Electric 6×2 tractor is designed for local and regional delivery when heavier payloads are involved. The 6×2 model offers a range of up to 120 miles and can carry a GCVW of up to 82,000 lbs. in specific applications.

Heavy Haul

VNR Series

When the loads you haul or the roads you travel aren’t easy, our VNX Heavy Haul will get the job done. Keep your business on the move no matter how hefty or burdensome the equipment and materials you haul with our heavy-haul tractor and Volvo D16 engine putting out 600 hp and 2050 lb-ft of torque. Put Volvo’s strongest components to work with its toughest truck.

Volvo VHD

Volvo is bringing revolutionary control for more maneuverability, comfort and safety to their all-new VHD series. You will find rugged construction and improvements that will help you tackle your most demanding tasks. This new series continues to deliver what Volvo has always done, the toughest trucks for the toughest jobs. Four Models – VHD 300 AB, VHD 300 AF, VHD 400 AB, VHD 400 AF. From different size axle backs, axle forward, to sleeper options. Volvo Dynamic Steering takes into consideration the drivers’ habits, road conditions, and offers drivers assist to make it safer on the jobs site and the road. I-Shift with Crawler Gears, gives you two additional gears for precise low speed control that gives greater torque when climbing steep grades or the ability to maintain ultra-low speeds. Sleeper option is flat-roofed designed which allows you to operate in bridge-law compliant areas, still have enough room to stretch out, and enjoy the 75” x 36” premium mattress.