Employee Spotlights Seth and Drew, Part 1

Seth and Drew Employee Spotlight Interviews, Part 1 Seth

We recently sat down with brothers Seth and Drew out of Duluth to capture their employee spotlight interviews.




























Hi, my name is Seth and I’m a service technician, mobile tech and I started at Nuss last year.

What college did you attend? I attended Central Lakes College out of Staples, Minnesota.

How do you feel that program prepared you for success at Nuss? Really well actually, I really liked that program, and the instructors are really good at what they do. The program is laid out quite well and it’s only an 11-month program but there’s not a lot of downtime, it’s a lot of handouts and classroom time. It’s all packed in together, from what I hear some other programs are a little more spread out. So having all that right there was easy to soak up. It seems like if you had a longer time then you would have breaks in your brain and its easier if it’s all condensed and you’re in the throes of it.

You go right from the classroom to the shop. There’s not a lot of distance between theory and actually, working on it. I really liked that part of that program. The hands-on was very helpful. I also liked how well it translated from bookwork to classroom work to right into wrenching.

That’s great, what do you love most about your job at Nuss? I really like the people here. They are really great to work with and I love how much learning I’m getting. I’m getting to learn about how to really wrench on construction equipment which isn’t really something I expected coming here. I thought it would be a while before I would have a shot at getting into the truck. But working with equipment is definitely the best part. In Duluth, we work on a lot of loaders and haul trucks.

What inspired you to join the team here? How close to home it was. I’m now living in Duluth and it is perfect. It’s about 7 minutes down the hill to where I live but when I started here I was living in Madewa which is about an hour and a half drive, and there wasn’t really anything that perfect.

What do you think sets you apart in your field? I think what sets me apart is my willingness and eagerness to learn, I am driven to make sure I get everything right. I get it done in a good amount of time, I pick up things fast and then apply them correctly.

What challenges have you faced so far in your career? Learning how to do certain jobs, getting through your first time to a tonic plate or an injector job or the big ones where you do your first job of something that is important. It can be difficult and daunting but getting it done is a good feeling when you’ve got it all together and you’ve got it right.

What do you think is the most important skill you have that a successful professional in this field needs to have. Attention to detail, but it’s more double-checking and not cutting corners and doing things right the first time. Measure once cut it twice.

How did you first know you wanted to pursue a career in this field? Yeah, so that’s going back a couple of years and I had been laid off from what I thought was going to be my career, just across the bridge there in Superior, as a laborer from the line plant and COVID hit and I got laid off. I got a job working as a laborer for a land restoration company and at one of our family reunions, I ended up talking to my cousin who is a diesel mechanic and he went through the same program we did. He talked it up a lot and said it was great and a really good field to get into and thought I would like it and went on from there.

What brought you to the city where you were living before? Madewa is where we grew up, so I was living with my folks before I moved here. It was just easier to live with the folks for a little bit before I got my own place, but yeah I grew up there, so it brought us here which worked out well.

So tell me about your family then? Well, I got an older brother right here and a younger sister, mom and dad. I grew up in Madewa, a tiny little town. Grew up kind of wrenching on stuff but not anything like we do now. Dad was an electrician so I learned how to work.

What do you like to do outside of work? I have a couple of little hobby projects; I have a little custom-built mini bike and an old 1976 Ford van that I am restoring. And then any time I have free time, it’s hunting and fishing. I actually just took a trip up to Gooseberry Falls with some friends, it was really great.

What does your perfect weekend look like? Probably on the lake. This is the land of 10,000 lakes, there are a lot of them. Spent a bit of time on Mille Lacs, got grandparents out here and little lakes around here.

Do you guys icefish? Do you have the house you put out on Mille Lacs? Yeah, pop up mostly.

Who would you say are your biggest influences or influencers? Probably family, my dad’s a big one, big influence. My brother.

Since we are in Duluth, what’s your favorite local spot you like to visit besides the lake? Ely’s Peak, it’s right midway here, it’s a hiking spot, and it’s pretty fun. That’s a fun spot, Canals are always fun. Anger tower. Good views up there.

What legacies would you like to leave? That’s a big question. Just that I was hard-working and did a good job. Nothing too big.

Part 2 with Drew will be coming next…


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