Career Testimonials

Zach H.-Technical Customer Support & Training Manager, Roseville, MN

I started working on the floor at our Roseville store as a Diesel Technician. I had recently returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan as a heavy equipment mechanic. Everyone at Nuss Truck & Equipment was very willing to help me and each other, it was great to be part of the team.

Later in my career I was promoted to a trainer/technical advisor for customers and internal Nuss Truck employees. For the first time in my career I was focused on developing myself and others within the company and proud to be part of the Nuss Truck family.

Matt J.-Parts Sales, Roseville, MN

I’ve been with Nuss Truck & Equipment for 12 years. I began my career as a part-time Delivery Driver, then promoted to Shipping and Receiving and promoted again to my current position in Parts Sales.

The driving force in being with Nuss Truck & Equipment over the years is because of the advancement opportunities provided to me, working with knowledgeable and great people and the flexibility it has provided me and my family so that I could be present for school activities, sports or a sick child at home. Everyday there is a new opportunity to learn and grow from those around me and I’m proud to be a part of the Nuss Truck & Equipment family.

Gary R.-Customer Support Manager, Mankato, MN

I have been with Nuss Truck & Equipment for 32 years. When I first started working for the company, Bob Nuss came to Mankato and personally delivered our paychecks. It was pretty great, selling glider kits in the 1990s, working with service and setting up our technicians to do onsite DOT’s, being able to run down a part that nobody else could find, and most of all, building relationships with customers and growing their business with Nuss Truck & Equipment. I was trusted to do my job from the beginning, given the freedom to make decisions and to build long lasting relationships with the companies that trusted us to provide them with the customer service and knowledge to run their equipment and businesses. It means a lot to work for a company that is like family. All and all it’s been a great ride!

Josh R.-

Our employees value the support they receive in and outside of the office. From our PTO to our flexibility and scheduling, if somebody needs time off, whether it’s short-term or long-term, we make sure that our leaders and our HR support staff are there to offer support. We want to make life inside and outside of Nuss easier.

Trevor S.-

I’ve been with Nuss as a service technician for almost three years. I already had the opportunity to advance in the company and become a Service Advisor. It’s been a dream of mine that Nuss made possible. The career opportunities here for advancement are endless and they’re very willing to work with you and get you to your goal. I couldn’t be happier with the help that I’ve received from Nuss.

Kelly H.-

I’ve always liked machinery and it led me to pursue mechanics as a career. It was trial and error at first but the more I did it, the more I enjoyed it. It’s especially rewarding because we’re blazing a path for the next generation of women who can do this. There are lots of strong women out there and I hope they will go down this path too!

The people that I work with, they’re everything. They are my support team. If I don’t have the answer, one of them is going to have it. We rely on each other no matter what and we figure things out together.  We learn from each other and build on each other’s strengths.

Wayne W.-

I’ve worked here for 14 years and enjoy my job a lot. We have the freedom and ability to do our jobs without micromanagement. I feel supported and know that I have the tools I need to succeed.

The HR team at Nuss is fabulous. They offer help with all your benefits; from vacations and insurance to your 401k. They even help with struggles outside of work, whether they are family-related or personal. Nuss has the facilities to provide you with the support that you need.


Parts Manager, Matt, has been a valuable member of the Nuss Truck & Equipment team for almost 13 years. A talented manager, Matt leads by example and likes to give his team their own autonomy and the power to make their own decisions. Working with a great group of employees is one of Matt’s favorite things about his time at Nuss. In fact, most of his team members have been working with Nuss for 10+ years. “There’s lots of camaraderie,” says Matt. “Employees like the internal promotions and opportunities to pursue new positions.”

More recently, Matt has enjoyed opportunities to work with a new dealer management system at Nuss. As one of just four other parts managers working on the system, Matt and the team get to work as key users and troubleshooters of the new system as it is launched in Nuss dealerships. Matt is hard working and always strives to meet and exceed customer expectations and ensure that the team at Nuss always goes above and beyond to find what the customer needs. “Matt is a responsible and accountable leader,” says supervisor, John. “He has a strong knowledge of the industry that he supports his team with. He leads by example and has a high standard for himself that reflects on his team.”

When not at work, Matt is likely spending time with his wife and three daughters up at the family lake home or out on the rink. Matt is an avid hockey fan, player, and volunteer coach. In fact, he has coached his daughter’s hockey team for the past 5 years. Matt’s calm and kind leadership skills are a big plus here as well as when he coaches with 48 kids on the ice at once!

Thank you Matt for all your hard work and dedication! Nuss is grateful to have you on the team!