The Volvo All-Inclusive Lease for Electric Heavy Equipment

Volvo L20 and L25 Electric Wheel Loaders

If you’ve ever considered integrating a compact electric machine or two into your fleet, here is a solution that may be your best bet to make it happen.

For some, ownership through heavy equipment financing makes perfect sense — others, however, might prefer a lease to test out the new technology before making an outright purchase. If this sounds like you, Volvo CE has put together an all-inclusive leasing package for each of the Volvo compact electric equipment models that bundles payments, maintenance, charging and more.

This all-inclusive lease for electric equipment simplifies your business by taking finance and service bundling to the next level. How?

As with any machine, you first work with your sales team at Nuss Truck and Equipment to set up your compact electric equipment lease through Volvo Financial Services. We’ll work with you to set the length of your contract (either 36 or 48 months) and how many hours each machine could operate. You’ll also negotiate monthly payments, rates and things like that.

Then, within your electric equipment all-inclusive leasing package, you’ll also get:

  • An equipment maintenance package to help ensure your electric machines are up and running as they should — no need to worry about or manage it separately. Another benefit to leasing compact electric equipment is that you have the option to bring your machine into your Volvo / Nuss location for maintenance which could save you money on your monthly payment, or have Nuss come to you — whichever you prefer.
  • Extended coverage so if repairs are needed on your machine (even after our current warranty offer of six years/5,000 hours), it could be covered for longer if you like.
  • Physical damage insurance (currently only available in the U.S.) in the event of a covered accident happening that causes damage to the machine.
  • Volvo Electric Compact Equipment ChargingYou have the option to include a DC wall-mounted fast charger within your lease. It’s not a charger lease — it’s a purchase, but it’s financed within the same terms and rates as the complete package. As an example, if you sign up for a 48-month lease, you have the option to pay for your charger in 48 monthly payments as well. And because it’s bundled, you’ll only see one transaction per month from Volvo Financial Services.
  • Maybe the best part for those who take advantage of the bundle is special savings on your electric compact machine. This could be up to 15% less on the monthly payment than acquiring items separately, depending on the dealership — and is only available through the all-inclusive lease.

To sweeten the deal even further, this all-inclusive leasing package comes with an early termination option at 24 months. If you decide for any reason that you need out of your lease, you can exercise an early termination option after 24 months and Volvo will assist with covering 50% of your early termination fee.

This is new technology for the majority of you. This all-inclusive lease adds peace of mind by covering the mechanical and maintenance side, as well as offering a walkaway at the end of the term so you’re not tied to the machine for its entire life — only for the term of the lease.

Volvo L20 Electric Wheel Loader

You can start online by using our Volvo Build & Quote configurator for select electric equipment models.  Nuss Truck and Equipment has the tools and knowledge to provide you with an accurate quote.

Electric heavy equipment is already helping contractors across North America take on new types of jobs to expand their business — if you’re ready to get in, consider an electric all-inclusive lease and get ready to put quiet, emissions-free equipment to work.

By Jefferson Yin and Nick Tullo