UNOH Alumni Diesel Technician Spotlight

UNOH Alumni Diesel Technicians Shine at Nuss Truck & Equipment

We would like to introduce you to two special UNOH (University of Northern Ohio, Lima, Ohio) alumni, Dylan and James. Both have relocated post college to work for Nuss Truck & Equipment as service technicians here in Duluth, MN. We checked in with them to see how their time at UNOH was and how it prepared them for their careers at Nuss and how Nuss further supports them in their training.


We started with Dylan.


I’m Dylan Ryan from Erie, Pennsylvania. I am a service technician here at Nuss.


Why did you choose UNOH?

I chose UNOH because they came to my high school and I liked how it looked. They had all sorts of programs of high performance and all kinds of different things, robotics. The diesel side really sparked my interest, I’ve always liked that stuff, heavy equipment all that. I wanted to work up to heavy equipment so I thought that would be best for me. College, I didn’t think I’d fit so I figured it’s probably my best bet to go to UNOH. I liked how it looked, like a good reputable school.

What was the interview process like with Nuss?

The interview experience with Nuss was good, it was a breeze. It was good to come in, meet people. Kelsey is an easy guy to talk to. Lots of knowledge I knew was ahead of me and I was excited for it.

Why did you choose to start your career at Nuss?

They came to the career fair we had at UNOH, and I only had 4-5 weeks until I graduated so just looking for something, I didn’t really mind where I went as long as it was getting away from Ohio and Pennsylvania where I came from. They flew me out, I liked how it looked. It was just me a one man show, come out and see what happens. Duluth is pretty, I like it.

What are some of the main things you learned at UNOH that you learned at Nuss?

Some of the main things I learned at UNOH that I also learned here. It’s a lot different out in the field than it is in there. They teach the basics in there and then you carry that over.SO you have basic idea of say wheel ends work and how basic mechanics’ work. It was pretty much the basics. Getting familiar with how things work, what’s where. It’s pretty much what I’d carry over. There’s a lot more going on in the field. Just getting used to where things are.

What advice do you have for future UNOH grads?

My bet advice would be to go make the most you can of it. Be diligent. Stay on task. Think about your future and take some steps.

Why should others join you here at Nuss?

It’s a great company, there are a lot of great people here, great people to work with. Everyone is always willing to help me out. I need it, I’m fresh in the field. Good people to work with. That’s what I’ve realized through past jobs, people really make a difference.

Next we connected with James.

I’m James Tuhill and I’m a service technician here in Nuss Duluth.


Why did you choose UNOH for your diesel education?

I chose UNOH because all the research I did because at the time other colleges weren’t doing so hot. Some colleges were just horrible. And everything I kept reading up on UNOH was the best if you were going on into the field I was pursuing after the military.

Why did you choose to work at Nuss?

I chose to work at Nuss because I used to work at a Volvo dealer down in St. Louis. I enjoyed it, I liked the guys I worked with down there. I always dreaded working on Macks and Volvos until I realized they are pretty simple to work on with the right tools. Nuss gives you the right tools and the right software to support you.

What experience have you gained working at Nuss?

At Nuss, I’ve gotten way more in-depth training on servicing Mack and Volvo Trucks. I’ve received my Master Certification here. I’ve been doing this for 10 years now, and I don’t claim to know everything because you can never quit learning. There’s always something new, trucks and software are always changing. Every year something is different. The people that you work with, everybody here is great about asking questions, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been doing it. Somebody will come over and say, you’ve ever seen this problem? Really good group of people.

Why should other UNOH students and alumni should consider a career at Nuss?

When I relocated up here from Arkansas, they helped me out with relocation assistance and a great bonus. As far as I can see, here in Duluth our service manager really cares about his guys and how they feel. He would much rather us want to come to work because when you have employees that want to come to work, they do good work.

Nuss is a great place to work for.

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