Nuss Truck & Equipment Employee Spotlight | Kelly H.

Nuss Truck & Equipment
Employee Spotlight | Kelly H.
December 2022

A valued Service Technician, Kelly has been a part of the Nuss Truck & Equipment team for almost 17 years! She has truly made her mark on Nuss through her dedicated service and willingness to help coach and mentor incoming technicians.

At Nuss, Kelly spends much of her time going from truck to truck, diagnosing service challenges and working on engines and electrical systems. She enjoys her work at Nuss, the other employees, and the fast-paced environment. One of the things she likes most about working at Nuss is the team atmosphere. Sometimes groups of 4 or 5 techs who specialize in unique areas will get together to collaborate on a complex diagnostic. “We’re all working together to get the customer’s truck back on the road as quickly as possible,” says Kelly.

Most recently, Kelly obtained her EV Electric Vehicle Certification. “My career has grown a lot here,” says Kelly. “I’ve been to several training centers to specialize in areas that I’m interested in.” As Nuss Truck & Equipment is beginning to sell and service electric trucks, Kelly was among the first technicians to specialize in electric vehicles. “We are grateful to have Kelly on the team,” says Steve, the Service Manager at Roseville. “She is a dedicated employee and is always focused on the task at hand.”

When she is not hard at work in the shop, Kelly enjoys restoring vintage snowmobiles with her husband. Together they repair everything from the engines to the fiberglass body, bringing their snowmobiles back to their original showroom condition.