Road Choice Aluminum Wheels: Delivering Lasting Value

Road Choice Aluminum Wheels: Delivering Lasting Value

For owner-operators and fleet managers, the initial cost of replacing steel wheels with aluminum wheels can be a significant hurdle. However, the key is to think in terms of value rather than price. Road Choice Aluminum Wheels offer enduring benefits that make them a smart investment for the long-term performance and efficiency of your vehicles.

Lighter Wheels, Greater Efficiency

One of the primary advantages of aluminum wheels is their lighter weight, which translates into improved fuel efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. This is true whether your truck is empty or fully loaded.

  • Empty Trucks: Switching to aluminum wheels can reduce the weight of your rig by 30-40 pounds per wheel. This weight reduction allows for a larger payload and fewer hauls, making your schedule more efficient and cost-effective. The Road Choice 40-pound Aluminum Wheel is among the lightest on the market.
  • Loaded Trucks: Aluminum wheels rotate more easily due to their lighter weight, enhancing fuel economy. Road Choice Aluminum Wheels are balanced to ensure smooth and even rotation, which reduces fuel consumption and extends tire life.

Minimized Downtime with Upgraded Equipment

While steel wheels might be cheaper initially, they often require frequent maintenance such as rust removal, re-painting, and touch-ups. This can lead to increased downtime and higher lifetime costs. Road Choice Aluminum Wheels, on the other hand, boast a rust-resistant shine that remains cleaner for longer periods. Simple soap and water can restore their shine, eliminating the need for extensive refurbishing. This results in reduced maintenance costs and increased profitability.

Enhanced Durability and Longevity

Road Choice Aluminum Wheels are forged in a single piece through a precise manufacturing process, reducing the likelihood of cavities and uneven finishes. This makes them better balanced and up to five times stronger than steel wheels. Built to withstand all seasons and road conditions, they offer twice the wheel fatigue life compared to other 40-pound wheels. Their smooth rotation improves ride quality, reduces tire wear, and provides better control at highway speeds.

Investing in the Future

The durability and long lifespan of Road Choice Aluminum Wheels add significant value to your trucks, even at the time of resale. Industry research indicates that trucks equipped with aluminum wheels have a higher trade-in value. Remarkably, the resale value of these wheels can exceed 50% of the original investment even after 10 years. Furthermore, Road Choice Aluminum Wheels are recyclable, helping to keep worn wheels out of landfills and contributing to resource conservation and pollution reduction.


Although the initial investment in Road Choice Aluminum Wheels is higher, the long-term benefits far outweigh the cost. They maximize fuel efficiency, reduce maintenance downtime, and significantly decrease your vehicle’s carbon footprint. Trust Road Choice Aluminum Wheels to enhance the value of your fleet for the long haul.

Road Choice is offered at all nine Nuss Truck & Equipment retail locations in Minnesota and Wisconsin, offering more than 40 product lines to serve the heavy-duty trucking aftermarket. Visit your nearest Nuss Road Choice retailer or order online anytime through PartsASIST.

Note: Ensure you understand your payload capacity before choosing wheels. Heavy load applications require higher load ratings. Your Nuss Parts Department can help you select the right wheels for your vehicle.