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Optimize Highway Driving with Powerful Mack Driver Assist Technology

Are you looking to improve driver safety and efficiency in your fleet? Mack Trucks has the solution with state-of-the-art driver-assisting technology built right into their vehicles. Juan Torres, senior manager of sales training at Mack Trucks, highlights how these innovations can transform your operations. “Mack Trucks has always been known

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Road Choice Aluminum Wheels: Delivering Lasting Value

Road Choice Aluminum Wheels: Delivering Lasting Value For owner-operators and fleet managers, the initial cost of replacing steel wheels with aluminum wheels can be a significant hurdle. However, the key is to think in terms of value rather than price. Road Choice Aluminum Wheels offer enduring benefits that make them

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Bollinger Motors’ B4 Chassis Cab Earns EPA Certificate of Conformity

Bollinger Motors, Inc., a leader in electric commercial vehicles, proudly announces the achievement of its Certificate of Conformity from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the Class 4 B4 Chassis Cab. This milestone marks a significant step towards the introduction of zero-emission trucks to the market. Scheduled for launch in

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Enhancing Construction Site Safety: Four Technologies Leading the Way

–Nuss Truck & Equipment / Volvo CE, May 9, 2024 Construction Safety Week (May 6-10) prompts a glance at contemporary and emerging safety technologies fortifying global construction sites. Amidst our pursuit of heightened machine productivity, a parallel evolution of safety protocols becomes imperative. Enter cutting-edge technologies, reshaping construction sites into

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How Mack® trucks are tested for success

Intense testing means quality, excellence and tough trucks **Repost From BullDog Mag** Article by Amy Materson: Photos by Justin Kase Conder Anthem, Granite, Pinnacle, TerraPro, LR, MD If you ask Govi Kannan about Mack Trucks’ testing program, he might ask you what you think the testing process would be like. Kannan,

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Top Tips for Soil Compaction Operators

Soil compaction is a key step in a wide range of construction projects, and the efficiency of the process relies heavily on the skills and knowledge of the operator. Below are some key tips to help keep your soil compactor running efficiently throughout the day to boost productivity. Be able

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