Mastering Mud: How Volvo Articulated Haulers Conquer Challenging Terrain

As the spring rains pour down, mud becomes an inevitable obstacle for heavy equipment operators. Many rely on advanced features like Volvo’s Automatic Traction Control (ATC) to power through the muck. While ATC is a game-changer for navigating various terrains, including solid roads and slippery surfaces, there are essential best

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Unlocking the Power of Machine Control in Heavy Construction Equipment

In the realm of construction and mining, where profit margins hang by a thread, precision and efficiency reign supreme, often making the difference between a triumphant month and one best left in the rearview mirror. Machine control systems emerge as the game-changer in this dynamic landscape. While increasingly prevalent on

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Top Tips for Soil Compaction Operators

Soil compaction is a key step in a wide range of construction projects, and the efficiency of the process relies heavily on the skills and knowledge of the operator. Below are some key tips to help keep your soil compactor running efficiently throughout the day to boost productivity. Be able

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How Off-Road Electric Equipment Impacts the Green Movement

Image courtesy Volvo How Off-Road Electric Equipment Impacts the Green Movement In the ongoing shift toward more sustainable practices, we often hear about electric cars, buses and trucks slashing (and in many cases eliminating) emissions to make our roads greener. But important changes are happening off-road as well on construction

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How to Inspect Your Machine’s Undercarriage — and Why It Matters

Regularly inspecting your construction equipment is always worthwhile. This can prevent future downtime and lengthen the life of your machine. In these uncertain times right now, it’s more important than ever to keep your equipment running efficiently and reliably, and your maintenance staff may have a little extra time on

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Mack® Granite® Refresh Offers a Clearer View of What’s Ahead. 

New Self-Heating LED Headlights Illuminate up to 50% More Mack Trucks debuted an updated Mack® Granite® model at World of Concrete 2023, Jan. 17-19, 2023, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The refreshed vocational truck features a new, more modern fascia with an updated chrome grille and self-heating LED headlamps that offer

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St. Louis County announces arrival of 10 new snowplows

Sabrina Ullman WDIO On Wednesday morning, St. Louis County Public Works announced the arrival of ten new snowplows. “The sun might be shining right now, but it is the season for these vehicles to be in action,” said St. Louis County Public Works Chair and Commissioner Keith Musolf. “The trucks

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