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Enhancing Construction Site Safety: Four Technologies Leading the Way

–Nuss Truck & Equipment / Volvo CE, May 9, 2024 Construction Safety Week (May 6-10) prompts a glance at contemporary and emerging safety technologies fortifying global construction sites. Amidst our pursuit of heightened machine productivity, a parallel evolution of safety protocols becomes imperative. Enter cutting-edge technologies, reshaping construction sites into

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Unlocking the Power of Machine Control in Heavy Construction Equipment

In the realm of construction and mining, where profit margins hang by a thread, precision and efficiency reign supreme, often making the difference between a triumphant month and one best left in the rearview mirror. Machine control systems emerge as the game-changer in this dynamic landscape. While increasingly prevalent on

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Preparing Your Business for Electric Construction Equipment Servicing

As electric heavy equipment gains traction in the construction market, the need for servicing these machines will inevitably rise. While the demand for maintenance may not be immediate due to the reduced upkeep requirements of electric models compared to diesel ones, it’s essential to anticipate the shift. Just as we’ve

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Comparing Fuel Efficiency in Front End Wheel Loaders

Is your wheel loader operating efficiently? As the product manager for wheel loaders at Volvo, I’m frequently asked this question. Efficiency boils down to cutting costs and moving more material per cycle simultaneously. Achieving both means substantial savings in operating costs. To illustrate, we compared Volvo wheel loaders with counterparts

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Comparing Fuel Efficiency in Articulated Haul Trucks

You have more control than you may realize over the operating costs for your articulated haulers — and one of the easy line items to cut back on is fuel. Burning unnecessary fuel adds up over time, and the savings you get running more efficient machines may surprise you. To demonstrate

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UNOH Alumni Diesel Technician Spotlight

UNOH Alumni Diesel Technicians Shine at Nuss Truck & Equipment We would like to introduce you to two special UNOH (University of Northern Ohio, Lima, Ohio) alumni, Dylan and James. Both have relocated post college to work for Nuss Truck & Equipment as service technicians here in Duluth, MN. We checked in

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Top Tips for Soil Compaction Operators

Soil compaction is a key step in a wide range of construction projects, and the efficiency of the process relies heavily on the skills and knowledge of the operator. Below are some key tips to help keep your soil compactor running efficiently throughout the day to boost productivity. Be able

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How Off-Road Electric Equipment Impacts the Green Movement

Image courtesy Volvo How Off-Road Electric Equipment Impacts the Green Movement In the ongoing shift toward more sustainable practices, we often hear about electric cars, buses and trucks slashing (and in many cases eliminating) emissions to make our roads greener. But important changes are happening off-road as well on construction

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